Post001: Bill Tifft, Opening Information 11/12/14

Post001: Bill Tifft, Opening Information 11/12/14

Detail of Planck Time: 10 to the minus 43 seconds, watercolor painting by Janet Tifft, used by permission

Detail of Planck Time: 10 to the minus 43 seconds, watercolor painting by Janet Tifft, used by permission

It is time to open my blog. If you do not already know about my work, I trust you have checked out my background and have at least scanned through my initial ASP paper “The Nature of the Redshift”. That paper is a rather compact condensation of how my work leading to Quantum Temporal Cosmology began. QTC was developed based upon detailed verifiable observational data, not on questionable assumptions and complex dynamical theories. That work led me step by step to a very different picture of galaxies and the universe currently popular, and actually appears to explain many of the major problems facing classical cosmology today. In rather simple terms QTC appears to demonstrate that the universe is not a dynamical structure but is an evolving quantum structure involving what appears to be a three-dimensional structure of time within which galaxies exist as isolated ‘particles’ of three-dimensional space. My task here is to present the real evidence and let you make up your own mind about what the universe is. I follow the scientific method to the letter. I form no hypothesis which does not have associated verifiable data.

I will provide a series of presentations, tutorials aimed at a beginning level, to work progressively through what I learned over 45 years. I will begin using my ASP “Nature of the Redshift” paper, and progressively utilize my book “Redshift Key to Cosmology” which is now complete and became available early in 2015. (See Post002.) I am self publishing, and the paperback edition (in 460 page form) may be ordered through the Lowell Observatory bookstore or Amazon. Precise information is provided in Post002. An equivalent hardback version is also available. Both forms contain important unpublished data for the professional record. The merit of the book, and the ASP paper to a lesser extent, is that they pull together the entire subject, showing how it all fits together. My 45 years of work as a professional astrophysicist link together remarkably well. The individual papers are nearly all professionally published and referenced in the book. Two additional important papers are published in the book itself as are important unpublished data. The final cosmology springs from that verifiable base and the formal picture that evolved as I synthesized, and came to realize myself, what it appeared to mean. It struck me recently that there is an interesting analogy here between Darwin’s “On The Origin of Species” and my “Redshift Key to Cosmology”, where a lifetime of work led the authors to new potentially revolutionary understanding of evolution of life on one hand and evolution of the universe on the other. A new copy of Darwin’s work was recently published by David Quammen (Signature Books).

My first tutorial discussion will involve redshift-magnitude bands in clusters of galaxies, which is where the story really seriously began. I hope readers will send comments. I will deal only with identified commentary, and will acknowledge some when possible and post ones pro or con consistent with the serious theme of the blog. Posting may carry a code name if desired but I require source identity for qualified persons to participate. I may respond directly to some individual commentary if possible.

The first topic post – Topic 001 Discussion On Redshift Magnitude Bands, Bill Tifft 11/12/14 – can be found here.

The featured image is a detail from “Planck Time: 10 to the minus 43 seconds,” a watercolor painting by Janet Tifft. Used by permission.

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