Post002: Bill Tifft, Availability of my book “Redshift Key to Cosmology” 1/26/15

Post002: Bill Tifft, Availability of my book “Redshift Key to Cosmology” 1/26/15

Cover image of book 'Key to Cosmology' by William G. Tifft

Cover image of book ‘Key to Cosmology’ by William G. Tifft

Effective February 1, 2015 my book “Redshift Key to Cosmology”, which will be used in topical discussions within this blog in addition to the ASP preprint “The Nature of the Redshift” available within the website, has been published and is available for purchase. For buyers who would like to provide some support to Lowell Observatory, one of the great private astronomical institutions where my professional work began, the book (only the paperback version) may be purchased or ordered from the Starry Skies Shop at Lowell Observatory (US only). Contact Diana Weintraub at or (928) 233-3206. A catalog featuring the book with a brief description is currently being completed and will soon be available on the Lowell Observatory website, at which time a link will be provided to access the online catalog.

For persons in or passing through Tucson, Arizona the book may be purchased at (but not ordered from) AlphaGraphics stores located at 7306 N. Oracle Rd., or 4811 E Grant Rd. The 460 page book may also be ordered through Amazon with standard domestic or international shipping. Paperback is $40, hardcover $99. Illustrations and basic descriptions are provided.

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