Topic017: Relating T To Properties of Galaxies, T = 1, 5, and 6, Bill Tifft 4/18/16

Except for T = 0 periodicities, easily detected in redshift samples defined by 21 cm profile width, other T states are more associated with variability and require phase-deviation analysis. Variability is apparently present at any width, but may be enhanced near phase breaks at W = 100, 200, and 400 km/s. T = 6 is apparently found, as is T = 0, at essentially all widths. T = 5 is rare, not well studied and mostly known from its strong presence in the Virgo cluster. T = 1 is closely associated with T = 0 and potentially may relate to decay of T = 0 states. This topic focuses on behavior in the profile width range 100 to 300 km/s around the 200 km/s phase-width break. There are marked differences in variability between giant and dwarf galaxies and between dwarf spirals and irregulars.

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