Topic018: T=7 Properties, Asymmetry’s Role, and Metallicity Relationships, Bill Tifft 4/28/16

This topic will continue discussing T state forms and processes. To use this space, give you something to contemplate, and officially put it on record, I will say what Quantum Temporal Cosmology proposes to be the relationship, and why, both 3-d space and time must exist together in some form. T states represent up to nine possible basic quantum wave functional forms of radial timelines, in three dimensional time, originating at the Planck origin point defining time and its reciprocal form energy. As the structure evolves (actually so it can evolve in quantum steps) some form of spatial structure, currently in the evolved form of galaxies, must form at the compressed nodes of the wave function. Now conventional spatial forces and matter, or something equivalent, can `age’ and `continuously’ advance in time (as it does now). This provides actual `aging decay’ preparing the temporal wave function so the temporal form can actually advance into its next periodic cycle in quantum steps (which we see as quantum steps in the massless photon as redshifts). QTC proposes (and can actually show) that, currently, continuous aging of matter in space does provide a `mechanism’ (a wave form distortion) to induce quantum decay in time. It accomplishes this via exchange between Fermi and Bose statistics, induced by the nodal compression of time (where we find the matter as galaxies). The process also involves (requires) special relativity and generates the uncertainty relationships. Think about it as QTC develops.

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