Topic027: Quasar Decay – The Hubble Deep Field, Bill Tifft, 10/01/16

The previous Topic026 demonstrated the high redshift quantized distribution of ACTIVE quasars and illustrated their period doubling connection to ACTIVE galaxies at lower redshift, which to see REQUIRES transformation to the cosmic rest frame and application of a cosmic correction due to the curvature of 3-d time that have been discussed in Topics010 and 011. I will clarify the corrections further in a later topic which will define the QTC lookback path in time. In this topic the distribution of galaxy redshifts in Hubble deep field studies is used to more fully define the structural nature of redshift quantization. The pattern consists of a doubling series of objects, starting at an ‘absent’ quasar at a basic simple fraction of c, followed by cyclical steps of galaxies in higher doubling fractional steps of c. This is an initial beginning of a temporal wave function energy which then extends in cyclical periodic cycles at the wave function energy between subsequent doubling steps. The QTC model fits real observational data essentially perfectly.

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