Topic004: Introducing Evidence Relating to Galaxy Evolution, Bill Tifft 3/01/15

My third topic discussed crossband substructure within redshift-magnitude band patterns. There are changes in redshift radially in clusters and between redshift patterns within clusters involving galaxy morphology and radio or emission line activity. These changes relate to understanding evolution of aggregates of galaxies and activity and morphology in individual galaxies. Topic004 opens discussion on those subjects.

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Topic003: Patterns Within Band Structure, Bill Tifft 1/26/15

My second topic introduced crossband substructure within redshift-magnitude band patterns. Patterns within the structure relating to radial distance from the cluster core, galaxy morphology, and radio or emission line activity in the galaxies provide new puzzles that will play important roles in understanding what redshift-magnitude band patterns are. For now just view the puzzle.

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Topic002: Redshift Banding, Substructure and Gravity, Bill Tifft 12/13/14

My first topic introduced redshift-magnitude banding in galaxy clusters and discussed three unexpected correlations inconsistent with dynamics. This topic extends the work to show that the structure breaks up into finer structure further alienating any association with gravity and suggests the structure seems to be evolving in time as one moves to lower redshift.

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