Topic034: A Review of the Fundamental Forces, Bill Tifft, and Tony Pitucco, 9/08/17

The fundamental forces were derived and discussed in Topic022, and originally in “Redshift Key to Cosmology” (Tifft, 2014), using the fine structure constant, Alpha, which measures the relative strength of forces with respect the Eo times do reference force at the Planck scale. The basic energy unit is the minimal 3-d temporal doubling 1 2 4 triad. Progressive basic doubling intervals generate successive classes of particles and their forces. This Topic034 discussion looks at the overall pattern of the force structure to examine a predictable higher level force and observable implications. Readers should review Topic022 to avoid duplication introducing this Topic.

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Topic030: Universal Aging II, How Period Doubling Proceeds, Bill Tifft, 11/24/16

The previous topic began a discussion of the role of period doubling, and demonstrated end products (observed redshift distributions) seen within sets of data. How such a process actually appears to proceed from the ‘spatial’ viewpoint is discussed and illustrated in this topic. Many of the redshift, temporal and spatial properties previously discussed are involved. Discussion of boundary aspects of galaxies may explain a new effect. It is possible that transformation activity when space returns to temporal space can generate radiation near the CBR vertexes which is referred to as the zodiacal anomaly.

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Topic029: Universal Aging I, The Role of Period Doubling, Bill Tifft 11/08/16

This Topic begins a discussion of the processes by which galaxies within aggregates of galaxies appear to form and evolve as the universe ages. Previously discussed observed quantized and structural properties beginning with the Hubble Deep Field and the role of period doubling are brought together. As discussion continues important observational tests and evidence in support of the process will be presented.

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